• 9 de diciembre de 2019

10th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Developing Countries (WCPM), in Bosnia and Herzegovina

will be organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina
01/04 October 2020

Dear Professors and Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizer, WCPM 2020 Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the 10th WCPM 2020 in Tuzla.

The 10th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Developing Countries (WCPM) will be organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing together around 1000 experts in gynecology, neonatology, pediatrics, anesthesia, pediatric surgery, cardiology, pathology, genetics from around the world.

The WCPM is organized by the World Association of Perinatal Medicine and the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine.

The executive organizer is the Ian Donald Tuzla Association for Ultrasound in Medicine.

Mr.sci.dr Suada Tinjić, was elected as president of the 10th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Developing Countries, to be organized in Tuzla from 1st to 4th October, 2020, at Hotel Mellain. The World Congress of Perinatal Medicine is the largest format in this field and it is a great honor for Bosnia and Herzegovina to host such an event.

The Congress is also a special acknowledgment to our physicians in this field and a proof that we are following all the global trends in perinatal medicine.

"Eminent experts from 30 countries around the world will talk about the latest developments in perinatal medicine on a number of topics related to women, mothers and children health: the biggest nightmares of gynecologists, sterility and reproduction, cesarean section and impact on newborns, is 3D ultrasound the best way for detection and evaluation of fetal anomaly, development of newborn babies in high-risk pregnancies. Special panels will be held at the Congress dedicated to Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries in the region, focusing on maternal mortality and how to reduce maternal mortality, and human reproduction and its relevance to all others activities.

The Congress will bring together experts from Germany, Finland, Sweden, USA, Uruguay, Colombia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Brazil, Lebanon, Egypt, Portugal, India, Qatar, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tuzla is a city of love, friendship, multiethnicity and multiculturalism. The city of salt, salt and miners, but also the city of doctors and medics!

Tuzla is widely known for its natural, economic and tourist potential, but also for its doctors and medics and the achievements they have made in this area. Tuzla is a unique city for its exceptional hospitality. Therefore, I believe that these few days spent in Tuzla, in addition to new insights in the field of perinatal medicine, will also be days of nice gatherings and experiences that you will be happy to remember.

The Organizing Committee is particularly pleased to invite you to such a congress. Tuzla is beautiful in October and besides lectures you will have the opportunity to see many other things, to experience the traditional hospitality of people in Tuzla, extraordinary culinary specialties, diverse cultural and entertainment life, all of which make Tuzla interesting for such gatherings.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tuzla