• 25 de noviembre de 2019

NEO COLLOQUIUM 2020 - Respiratory Problems of Neonates

Organized By Department of Neonatology, the Children's Hospital & the Institute of Child Health, Lahore, Pakistan
Venue: The Children’s Hospital & the Institute of Child Health, Lahore
January 25, 2020

Concept & Objectives

.Unlike other subspecialties of Pediatrics which are system specific, Neonatology is medicine of whole neonate. Different systems e.g. renal, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory etc. behave differently in neonatal age group as compared to later life. Moreover, effects of neonatal problems have considerable impact originating from its fetal life. As general Pediatrics grew into sub-specialties, it is expected that neonatal medicine shall also grow into neonatal sub-specialties in future. Learning about neonatal systems shall give in depth insight into neonatal problems and is expected to improve outcome in affected neonates.

Keeping this in mind, the Neonatology Department, which is the leading department of this sub-specialty in Pakistan, known for its educational activities, has taken an initiative to share knowledge with the concerned professionals of our country in system-wise fashion. We plan to hold system oriented international neonatology conference once a year. The system chosen for the first conference is ‘Respiratory problems of neonates’. The pattern of daily activities shall include presentations as well as hands-on training in specialized procedures. National as well as international experts shall be invited to enlighten the audience.

We hope to contribute in improving the knowledge and skills of the health professionals  dealing with neonates.

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