• 25 de enero de 2022

7th Edition - BIRTH - Clinical Challenges in Labor and Delivery

December 8 - 10 | 2022 - Milan- Italy


A daily question in obstetrics: Is this patient in labor? (term and preterm)

How to diagnose failure to progress in labor in the first stage?

Augmentation of labor (amniotomy, oxytocin, and others)

Interpreting fetal heartrate tracing: a physiologic approach.

How long should the second stage be allowed to last? (epidural vs. non-epidural, nulliparous vs. parous)

Intrapartum sonography to monitor the second stage (descent, flexion, rotation and more)

Assisting the second stage: vacuum, forceps, Odon device

Pelvic floor injury during a vaginal delivery/optimal repair of a third/fourth degree laceration.

pH, acid base and lactic acid of the umbilical cord blood

The most common infection in labor and delivery: clinical chorioamnionitis

Should labor be routinely induced at term?

Methods for induction of labor (mechanical, pharmacologic and combination)

Cesarean delivery: surgical technique and long term outcome

Amniotic fluid embolism

Post-partum hemorrhage: prevention and treatment

Placenta accreta spectrum disorders: diagnosis and management

Simulation and artificial intelligence on the labor and delivery floor

Catastrophic complications in labor

COVID-19 in labor and delivery