The communication commission tries to give visibility to the SAMID Network in the professional and scientific fields as well as in civil society. For this it is key to establish relations with the communication cabinets of the different scientific societies

Services and Objetives

Our objectives can be summarized:
Provide information, disseminate news and maintain contact with:
•    Institutions (Ministry of Health, ISCIII, Councils of Autonomous Communities, CSIC, etc.)
•    Bussiness/Industry
•    Media
•    Associations of shisk and theis families

Promote an agile and dynamic WEB that informs the activity of the groups, CV of its members, projects, publications, calls, and to allow documents to be downloaded and updated by the researchers.
Prepare a brief monthly / quarterly newsletter distributed electronically to all members of the network that infomre about scientific activities, congresses, courses, and endorse those that are carried out in our field so that it can later be recorded as CV of the network for the ministry.


Carmen Rosa PallasDra. Carmen Rosa Pallás Alonso