Welcome to Maternal and Infant Health and Development Network (SAMID Network)

The SAMID Network as we know it arises at the initiative of Professor Adolfo Valls i Soler (RIP) that had the so successful vision to understand that the perinatal period and further development of human being in its infancy and youth stages was not picked up by any specific research network. Moreover, though there were groups devoted to experimental and clinical research in this area there was no link between them. Dr. Valls invested much time and effort to make his project was finally recognized by the Institute of Health Carlos III. All professionals who are dedicated to Maternal and Child Health we will by all always very grateful.

SAMID Network comprises 13 research groups’ which main objective is to promote translational research focused on pregnant women, newborn and infant stage until the end of adolescence when reaches its full development. Through its multidisciplinary collaborative structure in which we participate: obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, nutritionists, intensive care, experimental researched, we aim to improve Maternal and Child Health in order to get optimize the quality of care that the National Health System provides in our country.

The intellectual basis of our Network is to consider that the development from the fetal til the end of the infant stage is a "continuum" in which everything is interconnected. Therefore, our goal is meet the challenges posed the development of human beings from the uterus onwards, applying the scientific method to translational basic and clinical research jointly conducted by specialists in each of these stages.
The focus of our Network aims to influence the prevention of acute pathology improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. But even more, because there a constraint in the early ages of development that directly affects the pathology of adulthood, another essential goal of our group is promote overall health and prevent fetal and pediatric pathology that may inevitably condition chronic diseases in adulthood.

To achieve these objectives we are developing studies with experimental models, validating new specific biomarkers, working closely with other networks and CIBERER, conducting multicenter clinical trials through a network of collaborating hospitals and participating in European Networks where we have institutional representation.

Our purpose is to improve our interrelationship and leap to active participation in European projects whose scope and funding can exponentially enhance our contribution to the welfare of our youngest citizens.

Máximo Vento
Máximo Vento Torres
Network Coordinator

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