Coordinacin Intra-Red


This commission has the purpose of favoring the flow of scientific information among the different groups of the Network.

Services and Objectives

Our objectives can be summarized:

  1. Find out about the activities carried out by each group.
  2. Facilitate interaction between groups at the level of researchers, facilitating information, as follows:
  • Experimental models
  • Analytical determinations validated in the group and its environment (the institution that houses it)
  • Economic synergies for the acquisition of equipment
  • Exchanges between groups (short stays) - internal mobility
  • Joint publications of specific topics from different perspectives: publications, books, CPG, doctoral theses, etc.
  • Specific meetings of members of a limited number of groups to discuss a specific topic
  • Offer of training courses
  • List of projects active or in the design phase of each group

Activities carried out and some proposals

  1. Organization of the basic research course (collaboration between Hospital Clinic, Hospital Sant Joan de Du and Hospital Sant Pau)
  2. Collaborative project with a common animal experimental model (pregnant alcoholic rat)
  3. Experimental course (directed by Jess Lpez Herce)
  4. Meeting of the Barcelona Group of the Network (Hospital Clinic, Hospital Sant Joan de Du and Hospital Sant Pau) to design common research strategies
  5. Integration of a shared research line within the BCNatal structure (Hospital Clinic and Hospital Sant Joan de Du)
  6. Meeting between Hospital Clinic and Hospital La Paz (Quirn) to design common projects
  7. Design of a common strategy to carry out clinical trials in fetuses, newborns, pregnant women and children (carried out by the Network's board of directors), in collaboration with EnprEMA and the AEMPS
  8. Proposal 2016: presentation of the Network to the 2016 Network of Excellence call (if convened)
  9. Proposal 2016: presentation of collaborative projects to the call of the ISCIII that is about to leave
  10. Proposal 2016: design of the new SAMID Network for the call for Retics that is about to come out (proposal of a coordinated project of the new SAMID Network)


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