Docencia formación


The purpose of this commission is to ensure the teaching, ongoing training and mobility of the researchers of the Network, as well as of the collaborators who investigate and work with the groups of the Network.

Services and Objetives

Our objectives can be summarized:

Organization of seminars, workshops, courses, related to aspects of training and information of the network in contact with societies of clinical and basic specialties to disseminate among its partners.
Catalog of basic activities that can be hung on the web for general use (example)

  • Introduction to clinical research
  • Clinical research methodology
  • Statistical Workshops
  • Ethics in research
  • Obtaining, processing and preserving the different biological samples
  • Concept of biobank
  • Basic Laboratory Techniques
  • Platforms of omics

Organization of mobility management of novice researchers for training in other groups of the Network in order to disseminate the knowledge and specialties that exist in each group.


Doctora Dolores Gómez RoigDra. Dolores Gómez Roig
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu

Doctora Elisa Llurba OlivéDra. Elisa Llurba Olivé
Hospital Universitario Sant Pau


The following documents are attached (spanish):

Curso de introducción a la investigación científica