• 9 de septiembre de 2016

Call for Scientific Research Proposals 2016 - Chiesi Foundation Onlus

Chiesi Foundation Onlus invites scientists and researchers to submit proposals for high-level scientific research

Chiesi Foundation Onlus invites scientists and researchers to submit proposals for high-level scientific research projects in the following scientific domain:

Prenatal and neonatal care

The topics proposed should aim to improve the knowledge of factors affecting neonatal disease progression and to identify strategies to prevent or minimise long-term consequences, thus ensuring better quality of life for these babies and their families.

Proposals that significantly advance scientific understanding in the aforementioned domain via highly productive collaborative teams with multi-disciplinary expertise are strongly encouraged.

In particular, this Call seeks proposals aimed at reaching one of the following specific objectives:

Objective 1. Describe novel functional, biochemical and genomic biomarkers to predict long-term pulmonary outcomes in preterm babies.

Objective 2. Identify neonatal/perinatal diseases and prematurity risk factors and/or preventative strategies within low-income populations including but not only maternal lifestyle, prenatal care and environmental factors.

Objective 3. Identify novel biomarkers to monitor brain injury progression in the first months of life and/or predict long-term outcome.

Researchers, whatever specific topic they focus on, are required to devise a communication strategy, by developing effective and adaptable tools for improving the diffusion of scientific results of the studies.

The beneficiaries of the grants will be asked to provide detailed reports and annual summaries, demonstrating sufficient progress toward the stated goals.

The Call is opened from June 1st, 2016 and the deadline for the submission of the projects is October 15th, 2016. The evaluation will take place during November/December 2016 and the approved proposals will be granted access to Chiesi Foundation Onlus research grants from 2017 onwards.

Proposals submitted after the deadline will be no longer considered.

The supporting documents, with all the details related to the Grant Application Policies and the Guidelines for the submission of the project proposals, can be found on www.chiesifoundation.org.

For information write to info@chiesifoundation.org

Call for Proposals 2016
Chiesi Foundation Onlus